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Wavelet Transform as a tool in the monitoring of fermentative processes through image processing
Jair Guilherme Certório, Matheus Yuri Gritzenco de Giovanni, Renam Luiz Acorsi, Eugênia Leandro Almeida, José Eduardo Olivo, Cid Marcos Gonçalves Andrade

Building: Prédio da Engenharia Química
Room: Auditório Inferior
Date: 15-03-2019 03:10 PM – 03:30 PM
Last modified: 15-04-2020


The purpose of this work was to propose a methodology for monitoring fermentative processes through image processing. The growth of the microorganisms during the fermentation process was evaluated in this work. The images were collected in situ from time to time. At these same time intervals samples of the fermentative medium were removed, analytically measured the concentrations of microorganisms. Using the Wavelet Transform with the objective of searching for patterns that can correlate to the analytical measures of concentration of microorganisms with the images taken during the fermentation process. The results were satisfactory from the point of view of the correlations found between the data. We can conclude that the methodology is possible, but it needs improvements.