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Numerical study of the crossflow over different body geometries
Matheus Rover Barbieri, Bárbara Louize da Silva, Jaqueline Catapan, Raissa Souza Lazzaris, Jonathan Utzig, Henry França Meier

Building: Prédio da Engenharia Química
Room: Auditório Inferior
Date: 15-03-2019 09:40 AM – 10:00 AM
Last modified: 15-04-2020


The flow around bluff bodies has received great attention due to its known importance in practical applications. While the crossflow over circular cylinders has been widely investigated in the past years, the study with other prismatic bodies still presents gaps due to their sharp edges, that affect the wake formation and fluid dynamic forces. In this context, this study investigates the flow around triangular and square cylinders under different angles of attack through numerical simulation, in order to evaluate their wake pattern, force coefficients and frequencies. The flow pattern developed by Triangle 0º is like the circular cylinder’s one, resulting in the same Strouhal number and comparable force coefficients statistics. Square 0º and Triangle 180º showed a similar behavior between them, which are the opposite of the circular cylinder, presenting an anticipated separation of the flow and greater velocity fluctuations. The Square 45º showed an intermediate behavior.