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Construção e testes em um módulo experimental de um sistema de dois tanques sem interação
Jair Guilherme Certório, Cid Marcos Gonçalves Andrade, Camila de Brito Miranda

Building: Prédio Engenharia Química - Centro Politécnico
Room: Sessão POSTER - Saguão Auditório Superior
Date: 23-03-2018 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Last modified: 12-04-2018


This paper presents the modeling and control of a low-cost experimental module for a laboratory of process control. The plant is a two tanks coupled system with the systems control being done via a DAQ. Themodeling was done approximating the system as a first-order one, then, determining the black box and white boxmodels. Also, the process was done varying parameters in the system to compare the resulting poles, which wasdone changing the orifice in the tank being modeled. After, PI controllers were designed to control the plant, testswere done for different set points and the results analyzed using an algorithm. The script made determined theovershoot and settling time for each run and compared them graphically. Finally, it was determined the effect of eachmodeling in the resulting controller response.