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Análise Numérica de Problemas de Fronteira Móvel
Daniel Henrique Ortega Buani, Marcelo Kaminski Lenzi

Building: Prédio Engenharia Química - Centro Politécnico
Room: Sessão POSTER - Saguão Auditório Superior
Date: 23-03-2018 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Last modified: 23-04-2018


The numerical analysis is a branch of mathematics responsible for studying and developing capable methods of providing numerical solutions to problems on which analytical solutions are not possible or desirable. Therefore, a kind of problems that fits in this described situation is named as moving boundary problems and it consists of movement of a solid-liquid interface during a phase change phenomena, more specifically melting/solidification. Due to non-linearity of these problems, analytical solutions are hardly ever obtained and, hence, it becomes more favorable to apply numerical methods for generating results, even if approximated. Thus, the aim of this paper is to implement the finite difference method for solving a specific study case and compare its results to other ones presented by analytical approaches.